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always searching like it’s on junk

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Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water's warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin
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chariot for me
melodious knight
ride on your honor
day and twice night

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i probably shouldnt even bother going to bed now... but I've been up since 11:00 am..... and I only got maybe 6 hours of sleep this morning.

It's now 5:00 AM.... and I have been awake the whole time.... at the fine arts center with Paige completeing our LAST project for Studio!! And we left there at like... 3:30.  I got back to my dorm at 4 and I spent an hour fixing up my FINAL paper for college writing ( ALL that is left for that class is my paper on my overall outlook of the class which isnt due until next week when i meet with Kismet)

andnow, i think i will sleep for 3 hours.... and then get up, print my paper and go to class and then come back, fix up mine and Paige's project ( the text needs to be put on) and then go to studio for 3 hours, probbaly get food after ( desperately in need of energy so ill probably get really bad DC coffee) and then go backk to the fine arts center for the night where I will finish my COMIC DRAWING!  i worked on it today while I was there and I completed about half of the entire picture, my goal is to finish the whole thing tomorrow.....

a final all-nighter at the fine arts center with my art crewwww :0) and then ART CLASSES are DONE!  yeyyY!!!!!!!!!!!

<CONK OUT>  "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
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tired tired
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"please don't get too excited
maybe your not invited"

ummmmm so globalization of culture.... is so boring and im sick of writing about it. but i have to have this written for tomorrow morning so i can get this project done and out of my lifeeee

and then ive got to do a hugeee drawing for tuesday morning. ugh. SHIT man. shit.

im SO close to being DONE! LET IT BE DONE! PLEASE!

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bored bored
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andrew bird
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i want to eat jackie's biscuits.


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bummed bummed bummed

i just finished this HUGE drawing for my drawing class.

im bummed. it isnt as good as I'd like it to be... its huge and im bummed.  
I stayed late at the fine arts center, first with paige, then paige and kyle, then kyle, then adrienne.  
I hate being bummed.  Theres sooo much work I have to do and no time to do it all.

i really like hanging out with Christine tho, we're on the same level with a lot of things, a few major differences between how we cooperate with boys/relationships.  I enjoyed our extremely brief "dinner".

there isnt even time to eat anymore, or sleep.  its STARTING.


im  bummed and i have a headache and im complaining like  a litle kid. my fucking ROOMATE needs to STOP sleeeping so much!!!!   ( it doesnt really bother me that much, but... I wish I could stay in my dorm room and work, instead of find somewhere else to go.

im fed up with pretty much everything and i dont feel well.


and im terrified to call my house.  why so many messages from my parents???


THAT cannot mean anything good and i hate this, i really hate this.

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bitchy bitchy
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MY hands are SO dirty.
Christine and I and eventually Alicia cleaned up our entire art room and made space on alllll the shelves so us [ the rightful and current students using the room] can actually have space to store our work.  That room was disgusting with wrappers on the ground, scraps laying everywhere, projects from 2002 still dominating all the shelves---->  now I hope we don't get in trouble for moving everything around..... but ..... those projects are more than 4 years old and have never been touched since.... therefore the "artists" must not have cared about them to have left them for abandonment. so screw them! yes. screw them indeed if we get in trouble.  I will take this to court and win by making cookies, REALLY AMAZING cookies.  aye, THATS the rub!

I spent friday night and saturday/night with Jimmapoo and we watched Clue, and a Charlie Chaplin "talkie"-> i dont remember the title, it  was different.... but I think I liked Clue a lot better.  Jimmy let me hold SaAM!!! his turtle!!! I was so excited!!!!!!! :0)  We let him walk a little on the floor and then I showed him buttercup, but he didnt seem to care much.  We took a surprisingly short visit to forest park after we tried to get Jackie to join us, and well.... i did something bad.  I didnt mean to, but it happened anyway.  i was showing Jimmy this trail I know of thats in the park, and we went further than I have been before and we saw little camp sites, and attempts of teepees and this huge "X" made out of trees and vines, so what do we do? we tried to climb it, but couldnt get that far.  Then I had this brilliant idea of playing "sword fight" with some branches and it was a LOT of fun!!!!  ARRR 

to the left POW! the branchs smacked against eachother as we each held one arm behind our backs.  Jimmy furociously swung his "sword" in circles as I knocked them out of killing positions and I battled in a stabbing mode, he blocked all but one...

"argg ahh!!!"
"HA arrh!!"


" are you okay?  did I hurt you??"
" haha ehhhhh"
" is it bad???? let me see......................................oh my GOD!"


but keep in mind... everything that is fun, may not always go right, 
especially once you stab someone ( especially someone you love the most) with a large stick that went inbetween his thumb and pointer finger, 2 inches...... and laughs when it happened

.... what a man... what  brave brave gentleman, or maybe he's just crazy.  I couldnt have felt like a more horrible human being.    heh he Still wanted to go feed the ducks!  

Oh I love you Jimmioooo <3 much, very much

andd as of today, Jimmy and I picked up Christine @ Mount Holyoke and drove to my house ( ahem.... everyone I hope you noticed Jimmy's new outfit, it was f^)*&^)* dashingggggg) and I gave her a shortened "tour" and had her sign my wall.  We went to the dump, some old men told us we should be at the beach. hheh whatever, they should be in intensive care!!!  I picked out two doors, and I found this really old rusty baby carriage that Christine could use for her project. I'm SO glad were going to be working on our FINAL PROJECTS of the FRESHMEN FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM!!!! IM SO GLAD IT WILL BE OVER SOON!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and now.... i must write a paper... and make a model... and if I can... complete some online owls for lively arts. (.. im SO FAR behind in that class)

fairwell and goodnight

ps~ I miss my Jackie and Clare.  come to ME!!!

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tegan and sara- walking with a ghost!
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her name was Patti Boyd...
to Patti Harrison...

to Patti Clapton...

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"C'mon and save me
Why don't you save me
If you could save me 
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone"
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aime mann- save me
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you know what smells WICKED bad?

burnt bras.  

Alicia, Paige and me spent some quality time in the parking lot burning up bras with lighters, for my project with Alicia.  We finished building it AND spray-painting it blackish ( to make it look burnt).  Don't worry about trying to understand the project, you wont be able to, if I myself dont even understand.  I never really used lighters until today, and well....

I gave myself a MASSIVE blister from clicking them too much ( i didnt know how to keep the flame going at first!!)  so, I ended up going back to Paige's room to POP THAT SUCKER!!! and then cream it, whip it good, and bandaid its face.  I can't believe I kinda burned my finger. BAH.  I'd make such an amature piro.  But folks, I'm pretty sure that isnt the worst thing in the world; me not being able to eat chickens soon IS!!!

ps- all my leg muscles are WICKED soar from trying to run ( what was i thinking.)  it killlllllllls my legs how much I walk now- ive run after a BUS EVERY DAY for 3 or 4 days straight. AHH i need a jetpack.

i think im going to drink some APPLEJUICE!!!! i loveeeee it!!! :0D


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sore sore
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tegan and sara- you would take meeeee anywhereeee
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